Fat Loss Factor Review|What Is In The Box?

Fat Loss FactorThe Fat Loss Factor or FLF is more than just an e-book on how to lose weight. It has an active forum with real people who are getting some great results. If you are like countless others that have tried fad diets that don’t work like “The Lemonade Diet”, “The Atkins Diet“, “The South Beach Diet”, and many other fad diets, initially you do lose the weight but not for the long-term. With Fat Loss Factor, I found out that people in the forum were losing weight consistently and keeping it off for several months and longer.

Let’s go over what you will get when you download the Fat Loss Factor:

  • A jammed content-packed 140 PDF page e-book
  • A Quick Start Guide for people who want to see immediate results
  • 90 tasty recipe meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These will get you off to a terrific start. You don’t have to guess what you are going to eat.
  • You get a complete exercise, diet plan and log. There are hundreds of exercises included in this e-book that are designed to help you burn fat long after you have completed the workouts. You are not just given a bunch of exercises and left in the dark on how to go about them, no,no,no. You are given detailed step-by-step instructions on how you should do these exercises and what workout you should be doing on a particular day to get optimal results.
  • Not only do you get the 90 meal plans but you get a separate 50 page e-book full of yummy mouth-watering recipes.
  • You are really not left alone in this. You also get one year of coaching via e-mail and access to the forum where there are other people doing the same thing you are and having success.  The forum is full of some really awesome people who help motivate and encourage one another. You will also get inspiration and your questions asked if you have any.
  • For people who are not ready to give up fast food restaurants just yet, there is software called Foojoo. This software helps you to locate restaurants that are healthy for you.
  • To help you in your grocery shopping efforts, Dr. Livingston has included a grocery list for you. This will tremendously help you on what to buy from day-to-day.
  • You will also get a guide that helps you to set goals. You will find this is a handy tool to keep you on track with your weight loss. Plus when you have set a goal and achieved it, you have it written down in your guide that you have completed it. This is also a great motivational tool because you can see how far you have come!
  • You will also be given measurement guidelines along with measurement form and measurement tracker software.
  • Along with this software comes with a demonstration video on how to keep track of your progress and weight loss.
  • There is also a complete guide of raw food recipes that help you to burn fat.

I will say that the Fat Loss Factor program is best for those who don’t want to do the weight watcher thing but still need that community support. This program is also great for the person whom is looking for a way to learn how to eat healthier and exercise the right way.

When you have completed this 12-week program you can expect to:

  • Have more energy
  • Develop a better relationship with food
  • Your skin will look and feel healthier and you will be leaner.
  • You will no longer feel bloated. You will lose your facial fat.
  • You will lose stubborn fat around your waist and arms.
  • You can expect to enjoy the recipes that are included in FLF.
  • You will begin to lose your cravings for junk food.
  • This diet plan is not hard to follow at all once you make up your mind and get started.
  • You will want to continue with the FLF and not give up because you will notice how great you feel especially after the Master Cleanse.
  • You will sleep much better.
  • You will get a lot of community support from the forum.
  • You will get free e-mail support for one year from Dr. Livingston himself.
  • You will find yourself recommending the FLF to friends, family, and even co-workers because this program really works.

A Brief History of FLF:

This e-book was written and well researched by an actual MD. You can Google him to check him out. He is Dr. Charles Livingston, whom is board certified in the nutrition and fitness field. When Dr. Livingston began writing FLF, he met Lori. Lori was a text book example of an overweight person struggling with weight loss all of her life and experiencing health problems associated with obesity.  She even had family members that have died due to health problems precipitated by being overweight like diabetes and high blood pressure. Lori felt that if FLF could work for her, anyone can succeed with this program. She is Dr. Livingston’s ongoing success case study.

Dr. Livingston understands that many women and men who begin a diet start off in the wrong direction by resorting to unhealthy crash diets to get rid of excess weight gain. This includes but is not limited to starving themselves by eating 500 calories a day, not eating all together, popping diet pills without changing their eating habits, and exercising to the extreme.

These methods are all unhealthy and put undue stresses on the body that do more harm than good. Looking for a quick weight loss method is common among serial dieters. This is why there are so many fad diets and so-called “miracle diet pills” on the market today. Of course most of them don’t keep the weight off and many can cause health issues. The FLF is none of these. Right from the start you are taught to how to properly detox your body and get the needed energy to get your metabolism going.

Dr. Livingston knows through education and research that people struggle with weight loss due to three important reasons. They have a poor diet, a liver that is not functioning properly, and a clogged colon, pretty simple concepts eh? In the first chapter, Dr. Livingston teaches you how to transform your body into a machine that burns fat and he explains a concept called The Fat Loss Plateau.

The Fat Loss Plateau happens when your body gets accustomed to your eating habits and then ceases to burn fat or burns very little. I know you have experienced this when you began a new diet and you see the pounds come off initially but after a month or so you see little or no change. When you reach this stage, you usually give up and go back to your unhealthy eating habits. Has this been your experience? When you continue this cycle of trying one diet after another, you begin to build up a psychological resistance to losing weight.

Another reason why this is such a great weight loss program is that you are taught in the beginning how to change your attitude about dieting. When you know you can succeed, you will. Now you know what the Fat Loss Plateau is and you know why your weight loss efforts have failed in the past. You will learn how to eat properly and know the right kinds of exercises you should be doing to melt the fat away and keep it off for good!

What is The Fat Loss Factor Diet Plan All About?

It is about losing weight through eating healthy nutritious foods and exercising the right way. You will be provided with a step-by-step guide on how to do this. When you complete this 12 week program, your metabolism will be kicked into overdrive. Dr. Livingston has split his diet program into 3 parts that you must stick to in order to get the weight loss results you want. Before you begin the program, you need to know how much weight you want to lose. The three parts of the program are:

1) Steady Weight Loss Plan – This is great for those who want to lose about one to two pounds per week. This is the most popular choice.

2) Quick Weight Loss Plan – If you want to lose approximately 3 to 4 pounds a week, you should choose this plan.

3) Turbo Weight Loss Plan – If you want to lose weight even faster at a rate of 5 to 6 pounds per week, this plan is for you.

In order for you to achieve maximum weight loss, Dr. Livingston also has designed 3 phases for you to follow. This is done after you have decided how much weight you want to lose.

First Phase-The Master Cleanse

Second Phase-Low Alkaline Foods (one to two weeks)

Third Phase-Structured Eating Plan

liver detoxPhase 1 The Master Cleanse phase is the most important component of this program because you have to cleanse your body of toxins. You are wiping the digestive slate clean so to speak.  When you clean the body from the inside, you put your metabolism in the position of burning fat into high gear. During Phase 1 you are preparing and optimizing your body to naturally burn fat.

You may find The Master Cleanse a bit challenging but you will be amazed at how you feel. You will feel the difference in your energy levels and improved health. When you experience these types of results, you will want to see this twelve week period through.  When you change your whole attitude about your weight loss and detoxifying your body, you won’t want to put those toxins back into your body.

The Correlation between Weight Gain & Toxins when too many toxins build up in your colon and liver, overtime your entire system begins to slow down leaving you fatigued and bloated. This often happens when you spend the week-end food bingeing on all of the wrong foods and then when it comes Monday, you feel tired and out of energy. You know what I am talking about! When your liver and colon are clogged, this causes your metabolism to slow down or even come to a screeching halt. These excess food toxins that are clogging your liver and colon then become fat cells that travel to your problem areas like your belly, hips, bottom, and thighs. One of the main reasons for fat depositing in these areas is because they are in close proximity to your colon and liver. See you just learned something!

Dr.Livingston teaches you exactly the types of foods that you need to eat and beverages to drink to get rid of these toxins.

Phase 2 tells you why you must eat a specific amount of foods that have low alkaline content. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds have a low alkaline content. Dr. Livingston explains thoroughly how these foods work in your body especially with other types of foods to further promote weight loss. Low alkaline foods contain active enzymes that help to repair and heal the body from the inside which is how these foods help you to lose weight and get healthy.

Phase 3 is centered on how you eat. Dr. Livingston uses a method called ‘Structured Eating’. This method also helps your body to burn fat.

This Structured eating approach has been used for years by dieticians and nutritionists alike. Also, you will be doing intermittent fasting during this phase along with other techniques. Intermittent fasting helps you to lose weight effectively and quickly if it is done correctly which Dr. Livingston does. He does this by teaching you a combination of techniques that go along with your fasting which increases your weight loss efforts leading to a more slimmer, lighter, and healthier you. Phase 3 uses concepts that help to trigger certain hormones within the body to become hormones that burn fat efficiently.

Structured Eating Overview: Although you are allowed a cheat day within this phase of the program, you really have to stick to the guidelines that Dr. Livingston sets out for you.

Step 1 The day that you are fasting, Dr. Livingston describes in great detail how your adrenaline is increased. This creates a domino effect in your body. When your adrenalin is increased, your metabolism increases, thus burning more calories. When this happens, your energy level increases which gives you the desire to be more active. The more active you are the more fat you burn.

Step 2 When you intermittently fast, the body will burn more fat because your metabolism is changing from burning blood sugars to burning fat.

Step 3 During the Structured Eating phase, you can still enjoy those naughty foods and still lose the weight without feeling guilty. Dr. Livingston explains how this all works.

Step 4 Growth hormones are being stimulated when you have your fasting days. These hormones also help you to shed those pounds. When you intermittently fast, your insulin levels decrease and fat is being burned as opposed to being stored as explained by Dr. Livingston.

Step 5 He also goes onto explain how his Fat Loss Factor (FLF) plan increases two enzymes that burn fat very efficiently. They are called Lipoprotein Lipase and Hormone Sensitive Lipase. These two enzymes speed up the weight loss process.

Step 6 During this part of the plan, you will begin to discover what caused you to over eat in the first place and gain all of that weight. You will gain a new perspective on how and why you have been eating the way you have. Dr. Livingston describes beautifully how you gain a new edge psychologically which allows you to realize why all of your diet efforts have failed in the past and why you have poor eating habits.

Step 7 Each of these 7 steps are designed to build your confidence to see this diet plan through and NOT give up. You are learning how to see food differently as well as becoming healthier and trimmer all because of choosing the right kinds of foods.

Once you have gone through phases 1, 2, and 3, your body has been detoxified and cleansed by the healthy nutrient-packed foods Dr. Livingston recommended. The next step is to get you exercising the right way so that you can burn even more fat.  These exercises range from beginning to advanced so whatever your fitness level, you will fit right in.

Woman ExercisingIf you really don’t enjoy exercising, you will really enjoy this part of Fat Loss Factor. Dr. Livingston’s exercise program is designed to get optimal results in the least amount of time with minimal effort. Even if you have a demanding schedule like most people juggling work, a spouse, and a family, you can do the recommended exercises 15-30 minutes daily.  The exercise program is called HIIT. This is a popular plan that is being used amongst fitness experts. Even celebrities use this but don’t let that discourage you:)

HIIT focuses on doing ‘body weight’ exercises to increase fat burning in the body. Other fad diets and weight loss programs that you have tried use techniques that are either outdated or inaccurate. Some programs advise you to do as much cardio as you can or run on a treadmill for hours on end.  Dr. Livingston explains why these outdated methods just don’t work for everyone or they are ineffective.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It focuses on ‘body weight’ training which helps to jump start your metabolism. This also helps you to burn fat long after you complete the exercises. This is accomplished naturally by something Dr. Livingston calls EPOC which stands for Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. With the combination of detoxifying your body, eating healthy nutritious foods, and HIIT, you can lose at least 6 pounds in one week.  After one week of seeing results, you will find yourself wanting to stick with the exercise plan. Before you know it, the twelve weeks will be up.

woman building muscleYou will also discover why it is important to build muscle. Now for you women, who are worried about bulking up, don’t be. It is essential that you build muscle because muscle burns fat. These exercises that you will be doing will help tone your body, firm you up, and create a svelte leaner you. For every pound of muscle you build, you can burn 40-120 calories per day. On the other hand, for every pound of fat that you have, you only burn on average 1-3 calories per day. This is why building muscle is so important when it comes to losing weight. Not only that, your overall appearance improves.

As I alluded to earlier in this article, FLF is not only a fantastic weight loss plan but it is also a fantastic guide to developing a healthy attitude towards losing weight.  There are no unhealthy side effects to using FLF because Dr. Livingston uses nutrition and exercise to lose weight. In fact many people who are using FLF report how healthier and energized they have become. When you complete The Master Cleanse, you will notice a dramatic difference in how you feel.

As you go through this program, you will discover how some ingredients and certain foods you have been eating have negatively affected your health and increased your craving to eat. MSG or (Monosodium Glutamate) is used in the food industry to enhance flavor and I must admit that it does taste good. What you may not know is that MSG is very addictive and food manufacturers don’t put this on the ingredient label. In fact, MSG will tank your weight loss efforts. MSG  is classified as an ‘Excito-Toxin’. I bet you didn’t know that either. Neither did I. This ‘Excito-Toxin’ triggers specific receptors in your brain that makes you crave more food. This maybe one of the reasons why if you eat a lot of Chinese take-out why you never seem to get full and satisfied.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is another ingredient you should cross off of your menu. High fructose corn syrup is a processed sweetener. It is mass produced and less expensive than sugar. The problem with this is that it is full of empty calories with no nutritious value for the body. It also blocks the natural receptors in your brain that tell you that you are full. With these receptors blocked, you will eat more than you should.

woman drinking waterDr. Livingston also explains why water is so important in his diet plan. He explains how proper hydration can flush away excess fat. You can also increase your strength by 10 percent through proper hydration. You will also be washing away all of those nasty toxins. And, you can increase your endurance by 15%.

You probably know this or have heard it already that stress and weight gain are directly related. When you are under a lot of stress for a long period of time, a hormone cortisol is produced. This hormone causes fat to accumulate which makes it harder to lose weight when you are under a lot of stress. Dr. Livingston also explains this in great detail on how this works physiologically.

If you would love to be a success story and be a part of a great community, don’t waste any more time download nowand download The Fat Loss Factor today!




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